Since the story of Charlotte Figi took the world by storm, the medical advantages of Cannabis items have ended up being a significant attraction to the media all over the world, the medical and clinical community, and individual people from across the globe.

A lot of research studies have been done, and CBD has been deemed the cannabinoid found within the Cannabis plant that has the best chance for becoming a broad spectrum compound that can help with practically any medical condition out there. In this post we have a look at CBD oil for Fibromyalgia and how it may be able to help.

We’ve discovered that CBD can be efficiently utilized as a treatment for a plethora of conditions and illness such as migraines, diabetes, PTSD, stress and anxiety, hypertension, cardiovascular conditions, epileptic seizures and more. As an outcome of the particular way where CBD works within the body, it can even be utilized as a possible treatment for cancer.

While individuals who have experienced the advantages of CBD oil first hand will state that the compound has eliminated, enhanced, or even entirely healed their conditions. The FDA stays hesitant to admit that CBD Oil is an effective treatment for all the conditions that it has been utilized for effectively.

We are, for that reason, not able to specifically say that CBD is a cure-all. However, an amazing amount of proof is doing this for us. There are new stories almost every day about how CBD oil has helped someone else with the medical problems they’re dealing with.

Using CBD Oil For Fibromyalgia

Many individuals around the world have been and are still being diagnosed with a condition called Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is an unpleasant condition that has just recently been acknowledged as a genuine disease.

CBD Oil For Fibromyalgia Pain

Very little is known about this condition, other than that it can be devastating. This means no cure has been developed yet. There are many individuals around the world who are putting their hope in CBD Oil as a treatment for their condition.

The Truth About Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a persistent condition that manifests pain in different parts of the body, particularly in the muscular and skeletal tissue. In essence, many fibers throughout the body are picking up pain and reporting these experiences back to the brain at same time, so the patient experiences a great pain across their body.

Prior to the early 1980s, this condition was virtually unknown. This could be because physicians didn’t know about it and consequently detected it as a “syndrome” called “Yuppie Flu“. In particular nations, it was not acknowledged as a medical condition at all, leading to health insurance companies not allowing for any treatments.

Today, fibromyalgia is the most frequently identified health problem addressed in rheumatology practices, impacting approximately 10 million individuals in the United States alone. Females appear to be more prone, however this has yet to be factually proven. Medical professionals have yet to discover a cause for the illness either.

Tension has been determined as a possible cause, however it is still unsure whether this is true or not. The cause stays unknown, however the tension element can not be dismissed entirely, specifically considering that women around the world have slowly been subjected increasingly more to demanding scenarios and conditions throughout the last 20-30 years.

Manage Fibromyalgia Pain With CBD Oil

It’s been typically accepted that Fibromyalgia impacts individuals that have an extremely low pain tolerance and are, for that reason, especially pain concious. Individuals identified with this condition typically experience migraines, IBS, and fatigue syndrome.

Cannabis For Fibromyalgia

Whatever the individuals case may be, a fibromyalgia medical diagnosis is not a death sentence. However, it has the same result on the mind as a life jail sentence would have when the chances of being cured are relatively low.

We understand that the body has a pain-regulating system that reacts to many Cannabinoids discovered in plants such as Cannabis and Echinacea. This system, called the Endocannabinoid system, includes receptors that react to Cannabidiol or CBD.

Receptors in the Endocannabinoid system are discovered in the body’s immune system, the main nerve system, and bone structure. It has receptors that react to specific compounds, and CBD engages with these receptors, possibly supplying relief to unwanted pain.

According to Dr. Allen Frankel, CBD can help you remedy pain by binding to so-called microglial cells, consequently enacting a decreased cytokine count and consequently lowering pain in individuals that struggle with fibromyalgia. Microglial cells have recently been explained as a possible cause to pain, swelling and, extreme fatigue.

CBD Oil As A Possible Fibromyalgia Cure

Understanding all of these things, as well as thinking about the negative effects fibromyalgia victims go through, results in better understanding just how serious fibromyalgia is. But can CBD oil really eliminate the pain caused by this disease?

Understanding that CBD aids in alleviating pain somebody struggles with because of serious fibromyalgia is important. Does it not make sense that such a client should at least give CBD the chance to reveal its benefits as a treatment for their condition?

Can CBD Oil Cure Fibromyalgia

Certainly we can’t make everyone give it a shot, however nothing stops us from explaining the true possibilities and educating people on the subject around the world through our blog. We’ve asked individuals who have used CBD before for fibromyalgia to see how it personally helped them. They’ve all said that they’ve experienced a really good end result with CBD as a treatment for their Fibromyalgia.

Lowering pain and swelling are two of the more frequently accepted health benefits of CBD oil. In fact, our readers typically go on to say that the continuous incapacitating pain they experience has either been substantially decreased, or it’s totally gone and it stays away for the whole time that the CBD stays in their body.

Is Fibromyalgia Caused By The Endocannabinoid System?

Can the existence of Fibromyalgia be explained by the patient’s endocannabinoid system? The endocannabinoid system is a complicated network with receptors and chemicals found in cannabis. When the system operates as it should, it effectively controls sleep, discomfort, swelling, hunger, the immune system, and happiness.

In some cases when this system doesn’t run as it should, you can get what’s called Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency. When this occurs, whatever fails in your body normally manifests in a mysterious pain, mood swings, and so on.

Fibromyalgia has the same symptoms brought on by such a deficiency, and might effectively be the factor for the condition. By utilizing CBD as a treatment, any (or potentially all) symptoms brought on by Fibromyalgia will be decreased or possibly even vanish completely.