Mouse Lemur Encounter & My CBD Oil Salvation: A Truly American Tale of Courage and Recovery

I am an American. A patriotic American. I breathe American air, eat American-grown food. But amongst all things American, if there's one thing that I bear unabated passion for, that passion is an oil. A therapeutic, magical oil. Cannabidiol oil, better known as CBD oil, my fellow freedom-loving friends.

Reflecting back on a peculiar encounter with a creature of comparable size yet inexplicable strength, a Mouse Lemur, I find myself truly humbled. This tiny beast, native not to our homeland but the island of Madagascar, took me by surprise during my visit to our local exotic pet store. I was in the store to buy some dog chews for my beautiful, American-bred golden retriever, named Liberty, ironically.

As I bent down to examine a particularly delectable selection of the chews, out it came. A light blur. Fast as a bullet. The grey and reddish-brown Mouse Lemur sprang out from its cage that the pet store keeper had left opened just a tad too much. It landed on my nose which happens to be quite a conspicuous size, my pride, my nasalis.

Before I could react, it squeezed itself against my poor nose, digging its tiny claws into the soft flesh. It wasn’t much of a battle but being a patriotic American, I tried to wrestle it off with as much grace as possible. Unfortunately, my over-animation resulted in me flinging the creature off and my nasalis tearing slightly due to its tight grip.

The pain was immediate and severe. Mother Nature’s creatures pack a punch, I tell you! The tiny claw marks across my once charming nosy bridge stirred up an inflammation unfamiliar to me. Medicines? I could resort to them; but being a CBD enthusiast, my belief lay in its magical abilities to cure.

Now for those of you unfamiliar with the charm of CBD oil, it's a compound that comes from the cannabis plant. Before you raise your eyebrows (and hopefully, not injure them in the process), I'll reassure you that CBD is not about getting high. Sure, it is associated with marijuana, but CBD won't agitate the receptors that make you feel high (THC does that dirty job). Instead, it influences the body to use its own cannabinoids more effectively.

Post the lemur encounter, my nose, inflamed and sore, was in dire need of relief. I applied the CBD oil topically over my inflamed nasalis, its cool feel was instantly soothing. The oil is known for its potent anti-inflammatory properties, not to mention its analgesic (pain-relieving) effects. CBD compounds work in harmony with our endocannabinoid system, providing a natural and efficient way to relieve pain.

Let me tell ya, the relief was almost instantaneous. My body recognized the healing properties it needed were in this nutrient-rich oil, drew it in, and set to work. The CBD oil steadily soothed the angry red lines, lighting the path to recovery. It ended my suffering efficiently, all the while kick-starting the process of healing. My body was doing its bit, urged on by the proverbial American spirit and the very real, very efficacious, CBD oil.

As the days passed by, the redness and swelling on my nose went down noticeably. My nasalis, once a sore sight, was on the road to complete recovery, thanks to the powerful elixir that's CBD oil.

And this, dear friends, is how a patriotic American discovered yet another reason to admire and trust CBD oil through an unusual, though bold encounter with a surprising adversary, the Mouse Lemur. My nasalis is back to standing tall and proud, much like my American spirit, and I am ever grateful for the magic of CBD oil.

So remember, when life lands a mouse lemur on your nose, you don’t need to lose your head (or your nose). Instead turn to CBD oil, your true-blue American comrade in pain relief and speedy recovery.

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